I would be hard pressed to call this a cohesive or even a coherent anime.  For much of the anime, it contains “baser” content that could be charitably described as “in poor taste.”  It is rare that an anime gives me almost a negative physical reaction, but this managed to do it for about 5 or 6 episodes.  My reaction could best be summed up by this – a mixture of horror, disgust, and betrayal.

Purpose: Bad.  I believe this describes the purpose more concisely than I could.  Really, the whole feel of the anime was that there was no real purpose to it and that the anime was sort of a slap-dash compilation of half-finished ideas and plotlines.  There were elements of a farming-drama anime, a high school drama, a parody-type anime, a slice of life anime, an over-the-top high school drama, and a character self-discovery/healing journey, to name a few.  Most of the anime felt like it was written by a young teenager, both in the flow of ideas and the subject matter of the “humor.”  Heck, even the fan-service was terribly done.  If I had to describe much of the anime in one word, it would be “vulgar.”  “Crude” is a solid alternative.  In the latter half of the anime, the vulgarity slowed down and some parts became almost passable, although by that point, it was too little, too late.

Characters: Weak.  Well, you have a fairly plain cast of characters that are based on stock character archetypes.  The problem is that they aren’t even competently done-archetypes.  If you’re keep your characters tropes, you really can’t afford to weaken them or water them down, as happened here.  One marginal deviation was the teacher having some role to play here and there.  The teacher was one of the “problem children” of the anime, both in the level of crudity she brought to the anime along with the in-your-face nature of it.  The weakness and relative blandness of the characters already made them feel out of place for the setting.  There were some points here and there that showed glimmers of what the anime could have been – using farming as a means of character “healing” or introspection.  So, aside from a couple relatively minor forays into character development, the characters were pretty much worse than flat.

World: Weak.  Well, we’re dealing with several different worlds, pretty much based on whatever was convenient at the moment. The anime rarely seemed to keep consistency of world between two different episodes.  In this anime, the world was used as an excuse for proper element development – when in doubt, throw something else in.   Personal showdown with a corporation?  Sure.  Lessons in superficial marketing?  Why not?  Crazy school “Elite Four?”  Yes, please.  Shotgun wedding? When can we start?  These are examples of world acting as a substitute for proper plot. In some cases, the crazy can be understandable if the world itself is crazy.  However, there was no indication that the world itself was the kind of surreal atmosphere that would give rise to random situations.  Again, the world even lacked consistency in its randomness, which is weird to say the least.

Plot: Bad.  As above, it seemed like this anime was a haphazardly thrown-together jumble of random plot points.  Really, it’s the plot equivalent of a 5-year old banging on a keyboard.  Without any cohesion, the plot is… well, nonexistent.  There were some minor plot threads that felt more like 4-panel manga or some randomly done short-stories.  Not all were bad, just most.

Storytelling. Poor.  Perhaps a function of the bad plots.  The story isn’t as bad because they did manage to do a competent job with the better plot points.  Random plot points weren’t being really closed off.  Even slice of life anime manage to close off their short plot points.  Honestly, the blame seems to be on the original material, rather than the anime studio here.  It has to be awfully hard dealing with inherently weak subject matter.

Pace: Poor.  Again, all over the map.  Mostly, it was too slow for its own good.  Even the humor they were attempting was ruined by over-using or dwelling on the punch line too long.  It’s like that kid that tells a joke and then keeps saying “get it?  get it?.”  They dwell too long where they shouldn’t have and went too quickly over where they should have stayed longer.


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