My want to watch list is 38 anime long.  But it’s no fun to just list em all, so I’ll go with the top 5 anime I want to see.

How do I (we) put things on a want to see list?  200 series in, I’ve sort of developed a sense of how an anime’s going to be, before I even watch it.  Usually, I’ll hear of something on Anime News Network and maybe watch a preview.  You can learn a lot about the anime based on what they show you – animation style, general tone of the anime, and art, to name a few.   There’s a big difference between A-anime and C-anime’s previews.  Then, I might watch an anime’s opening and/or its ending.  Those are really important because, at a minimum, anime that tend to put more effort into the closing and openings tend to have more attention to detail throughout.

I really only watch a series once it’s done airing.  That way, I can binge watch the entire series in a relatively short time.    Without further ado:

1. Psycho Pass (Movie)

Ahhhh… this looks good.  Though it looks more action-oriented, it seems to be giving us a perspective of what the world outside Sibyl is.

2. Blood Blockade Battlefront

This is an excellent example of an intriguing ending theme.  The animation is exceptionally well done with a high attention to detail.  Also, it’s the cast just having fun.  You can see very different personalities come out in the way they’re animated.

3. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Sorry it doesn’t have subtitles.  I couldn’t find a good one with subs.

I wanted to see this one because I saw Fate/Stay Night and then Fate/Zero.  From the preview, it doesn’t look quite as good as Fate/Zero, but it looks worlds better than the original.

4. Wagnaria!!! (Season 3)

Why not.  It’s been getting better with each season.  It took a bit to learn how to properly pace a 4-panel manga into an anime, but now it’s in the “fun” territory.

5. Seraph of the End

Based on the preview, it doesn’t look like it’ll be a spectacular or even a very deep anime.  However, it’s very pretty and looks like it’ll be fun to watch.  Also, Sawano Hiroyuki is doing the mood music.  He’s got a very distinctive style – you’ll find his work in Aldnoah Zero and Attack on Titan and Blue Exorcist.


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