ZENKO-AKKO 30 DAY ANIME CHALLENGE DAY 13: Anime Character You Are Most Similar To


Hiroomi Souma  – Wagnaria!

The anime character that I’m most similar to would have to be Souma, dark glee and everything.  You’d describe Souma as a troublemaker. However, he doesn’t usually engineer bad situations, just situations that create pressure on other characters.  If there’s trouble happening, he’s usually content to watch and enjoy the show.  If there isn’t anything going on, he enjoys making things a little more entertaining for himself.  He loves to do or say something innocent and watch how people react to/ misunderstand (understand perfectly) what he is getting at.

Souma likes to know everything about everyone, but doesn’t want others to know about him.  He thrives on knowing others’ weaknesses.  Sometimes, it’s used for Souma to get out of work, but other times it’s to spice things up.  Really, it’s the reactions he’s after – making people react in fun and interesting ways.  That’s the thing – he doesn’t really want to hurt or harm people, just make them embarrassed or uncomfortable.  That said, he’s more than happy to hand someone the shovel when they’re intent on digging their own grave.  Because it’s funny.

Because of this, Souma strikes you as a really dangerous sort of individual.  You wouldn’t really trust him and don’t want to get too close.   But that’s the way he wants it.  Even with all that, though, you know he isn’t a bad guy, just that he’s not someone you’d want to cross.

Aoi Yamada – Wagnaria!


When first facing this question, I had dreams of being some cool kitsune lady full of style and mystique.  Upon asking opinions of Akko and others, however, the answer was surprisingly unanimous and (to me) unexpected: Yamada Aoi from Wagnaria!/Working!  Don’t get me wrong—I love Yamada.  She’s just not how I would first see myself.

Once we break it down, though, it’s really pretty funny and accurate, especially since Akko is similar to Souma from the same show.  Overall, I find that Yamada and I share a wacky enthusiasm and dramatic flair, peppered with a touch of delusion and served with a side of mischief.

“You’re having an awesome party without me, aren’t you?”  Yamada’s FOBLO (Fear Of Being Left Out) distracts her from her work and can make her seem demanding in the oddest ways (“Poke me [with the chopsticks], too!”).  Combined amusingly with her aspirations of independence conflicting with her feelings of loneliness, it makes for a somewhat unpredictable sort of person that flip-flops between wanting to do things by herself because she is “a capable woman,” and wanting to be waited upon and given attention.  If her feelings are hurt, she runs away, but wants to be found.  If she comes to the restaurant as a paying customer, she wants someone to stay with her while she eats—“It’s lonely to eat alone,” says the girl who ran away from home.

And yet…Yamada always tries so hard and does her best to live the best life she can.  She thoroughly enjoys the craziness that goes on around her and that she incites, and for that I feel pretty good about being the most similar to Yamada Aoi.

Zenko signing off.


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