ZENKO-AKKO 30 DAY ANIME CHALLENGE DAY 14: Anime that Never Gets Old No Matter How Many Times You’ve Rewatched It

The Devil is a Part-Timer

Zenko here to take the lead on this one!  Akko and I are in agreement once more on this one.  The anime that never gets old for us is Hataraku Maou-sama / The Devil is a Part-Timer.  We have seen it probably five times now, and every watch-through still makes us laugh about as hard as it did the first time.  It’s not that it is our top favorite, it’s not that it is fantastic beyond words…it’s just that it has solid comedy, timing, characters, and absolute gems of scenes that can be enjoyed time and time again (made easier since we found the Blu-ray on Black Friday sale—thank you Best Buy!!).

First of all, the comedy.  Jump into almost any scene at almost any point in the series and you will find witty or sarcastic remarks, ridiculous situations, greatly animated facial expressions, and (one of my personal favorites) great shouts of surprise/shock/comedic-terror.  In fact, it was a gif of Suzuno’s fascination with a flat-screen tv that made us watch the show in the first place!

The timing is part of what makes it so easy to watch again and again.  It is incredibly fast-paced without tripping over itself, which keeps it from having any episodes that you feel like just fast-forwarding through to get to a good part.  So much is going on in each episode that they are all good ones.  Whether plot, great scenes, or character introductions, every episode’s got you covered.

The characters of this anime are distinctive for their balance of comedy and perfectly serious aspects, while never really feeling incongruous.  Oddly enough, it’s because that’s exactly what this show is about: incongruity.  These fantastical heroes and demons don’t belong in the every-day humdrum of low-income Tokyo life, and yet here they are!  And they make the most of what they have, ridiculous as it all is.

Finally, so many scenes are gems in this anime.  We can quote it and reference it all day.  As I said before, every episode is packed with scenes to look forward to—from being mistaken for foreigner cosplayers to introducing Lucifer as a hikikomori to Maou repeating a great monologue after getting unceremoniously interrupted—the list goes on, and we just keep watching them.

Akko rated this anime as Excellent, and we both highly recommend it, so I hope you get a chance to check it out sometime.  You may think we’re crazy, but with any luck, you’ll find a new favorite of your own, as well.


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