ZENKO-AKKO 30 DAY ANIME CHALLENGE DAY 23: Favorite Attack Used in Anime


Ramiel – Evangelion 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone

In the Evangelion world, basically, the angel itself is an attack.  I think the video should speak for itself.  I am particularly impressed by how the angel moves in a really unnatural and otherworldly fashion.  If you watch the Rebuild, Ramiel gives you the sense that its attacks are just overwhelming.


Shizuo Throwin’ stuff – Durarara!!

Ah, a lovely, sunny day in the city.  But, what’s this?  A cloud must have passed between you and the sun, for there is suddenly a shadow at your feet…which is growing larger and larger until—

This is how I picture being at the wrong end of Shizuo throwin’ stuff.  Whether it be a vending machine flying through the air with the greatest of ease, a street sign churning up the pavement, or even just a dude literally losin’ his shirt as his air velocity reaches ridiculous numbers, it’s a sure sign that Heiwajima Shizuo is around.  His name literally means Peace-Island Quiet-Hero, but this is only the calm before the storm.  After having broken so many bones by picking up enormously heavy objects, his structure is so strong and he is so immune to pain, that he is virtually invincible.  When he snaps, his cigarette snaps, and things go flyin’.

‘Nuff said.  Zenko signing off.


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