Ohtomo Jin vs. Douman – Tokyo Ravens

There are many, many different kinds of interesting fights in anime.  However, for “best” fight, I’d say it has to include both cleverness and a good bit of flashiness.  In other words, it’s gotta be smart and look cool.

Tokyo ravens is a little bi-polar in execution.  The first half is a really basic high-school drama in a magical world, nothing special at all.  However, at the halfway point, the manga ran out, so the anime took it from there.  Once that happened, we got to learn tons of really cool and interesting things about the world and Onmyo magic.  We also got to see several really cool battles.

What makes this battle so interesting is that there’s a huge amount of cleverness.  Some of the big flashy moves serve as a distraction or confirmation of something.  That aside, there’s some really interesting things going on.  We get to see some of the rules of magic in this world.  We also get to see some really cool visuals.  The combination is what really sets this apart as the best fight in anime.


Alphonse Elric vs. Pride – FMA Brotherhood

Awesomely epic power and a thousand sword swings a second can be all very well, but I personally look forward to the clever and scrappy fights, or the ones with the best choreography and animation, or the ones that really show how much your beloved character has grown and is now showing what he can do!

My favorite anime fight is when Alphonse Elric faces the homunculus Pride in a battle that takes quick thinking and clever strategy, boosted by the fact that Al gets to use a philosopher’s stone.  What’s important here is that the feeling one gets from the fight is not that the stone is doing all the work, but that Alphonse has grown up to be an amazing guy who can think on his feet and use the power to his best advantage without just letting loose wildly.  Al means business, and he becomes unstoppable.  His imagination is the key, and we get to see the creative (and highly effective!) ways that he thinks of to gain the upper hand.  Personally, I found myself immensely proud of him.  (No pun intended.  Heh heh.)

Zenko signing off.


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