ZENKO-AKKO 30 DAY ANIME CHALLENGE DAY 29: An Anime You Wished Was Real


To explain a little bit, we don’t wish anime was real.  When most people are asked this question, they think, “what’s a really cool world that I’d be a hero in?”  When I think of the question, I think of how horrible most anime would be to live in.  Dangerous energies, giant monsters blowing stuff up, teenagers with otherworldly powers that could destroy everything… I shudder at the thought.  I think, if I were lucky, maybe I’d be “person b” in the magical school.  If I were unlucky, I’d end up having my soul condemned to an eternity of torment while it serves as energy for some villain’s diabolical plot.  Most likely, I’d have middling luck and be “random bystander C” who happens to be in or near the building just blown up.  And that’s just it, anime worlds are extremely dangerous.  We think we’d be heroes with special powers, but I, more pessimistically, say that someone’s gotta be the item shop guy.  So, for me to say an anime I wished was real has to be something both relatively safe and have a great deal of possibility.

Zenko here!  This is where Log Horizon comes in.  In the world of Elder Tale, things are relatively safe and there is a great deal of freedom and possibility.  As an adventurer, you can do just about anything and be part of things and try new things.  You can have a second career as a merchant, inventor, or chef!  You can fight and be a hero!  If you die, you just show up at the cathedral!  Heck, you feel like you could even walk right up to Shiroe and say, “Hey, I like you guys.  Can I join Log Horizon?”  He’s a decent guy.  I’d bet he’d say yes!


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