Anime California Winner – Best Individual Craftsmanship

Alright!  Been a busy few days.  Zenko entered her Miko costume from No Game No Life in the Anime California Masquerade (costume contest).  She won Best Individual Craftsmanship!


Here is the official description of the costume that Zenko put on the entry form:

Kimono: Made from satin, custom-printed with a design I created in Photoshop to look the most like her kimono pattern in the show.  It is fully-lined with all enclosed seams and brown velvet ribbon trim.  The sleeves hang open via a hinged construction made from belts and attached to a modified purchased bustier.  The body portion of the kimono also attaches to the bustier with velcro.  The floating ribbon is plastic boning enclosed in the velvet ribbon.  The suzu bell is an authentic bell from a Japanese shrine (purchased on Ebay).  The pleated skirt was purchased. ~56 hours to complete.

Tail Fur: The fur itself is hand-made from acrylic yarn, combining 4 colors of orange and 3 colors of blue.  To make each of the ~1500 individual wefts of fur, the yarn was measured, cut, tied together, unraveled, straightened, brushed out, and straightened again.  These were then tied onto a mesh “sock,” which was dyed brown.  The left-over fur brushed out from these wefts was then re-brushed into tufts.  The tufts were then melted on one edge to seal them, and then hand-sewn into the mesh sock to create the under-fur layer.  My husband helped unravel and brush out a few of the wefts (amounting to probably less than 5%).  ~260 hours to complete.

Tail Structure: The tail structure is fully collapsible for easy travel!  The structure is made from spring steel taken from several pop-up hampers purchased from Walmart.  Each spring steel ring is enclosed in bias-tape and sewn together at only key points.  The other connecting points are attached with snaps so that it can be disassembled and folded down when necessary.  The tail fur sock slips over this structure.  ~24 hours to complete.

Tail Harness: For each tail, the tail structure rests on a cushion to give it volume and avoid any one point of stress on the structure as it attaches to the harness.  This cushion itself is attached to a large plastic plate with a slip-cover that has sleeves for the harness to fit into.  The harness is comprised of a garden tool rack from a hardware store with a small metal plate to fit the belt.  From there, the tool rack is then bolted onto the plastic portion of construction-type kneepads, which rest on the kneepad foam.  The main belt is a purchased webbing tool belt.  The additional custom webbing belts replace the kneepad straps and give extra support.  The harness attaches to me through slits in the kimono.  ~7 hours to complete.

Ears: The ears are made from leather, formed after soaking in water.  The interior is spray-painted white.  The outer fur comes from some of the wefts made for the tail, which were then glued and trimmed to fit the ears.  The inside fluff is by the same technique as the under-fur.  The ears attach to the wig with a bobby-pin and giant snap that connect to a plastic card (that hair ties come on) on the inside of the wig.  ~14 hours to complete.

Wig: The wig was purchased and trimmed by me.  The blue addition at the end of the ponytail is another purchased wig deconstructed and glued over a Styrofoam ball, which ties onto the orange wig via yarn ties hooked on in the back with bobby-pins.

Hair Ornament: Ribbon tied into a bow and attached to a paper-covered chopstick adorned with beads.  The bell and paper cards hang from this.

Accessories: The pince-nez monocle is a vintage piece from Etsy.  The whiskers are stripped feathers attached with eyelash glue.  The geta sandals were purchased.

Overall total hours to complete: ~375



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