The Creative Blogger Award.

Thank you D.T. Nova from On the Edge of Enlightenment and Rogue Youkai and RetroWaffle from twosensei for nominating me for the Creative Blogger AwardIn between the anime convention and some life events, I have been terribly busy.  I apologize for taking so long to complete these.  Without further ado:  



  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • Share 5 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 – 20 bloggers and add their links.
  • Notify the bloggers you included.
  • Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do


1. I did a 9 month study abroad in Japan.  While there, I served as the International Chairman of the Intercultural Affairs Committee.  Our job was to help resolve culture-based disputes.
2. I am incredibly tone-deaf.  Completely seriously, it’s this bad.
3. Whenever asked, I usually tell people (jokingly, of course) that my undergraduate degree was in poverty and homelessness.  It’s psychology and philosophy, respectively (plus a minor in Japanese.)
4. My eyelashes are exceptionally long.  I always get comments on them by strangers.  Yes, they’re natural.
5. I’m a pretty big generalist otaku.  My otaku-ness includes: tons of anime, video games, cosplay, plastic models (gundams), painting miniatures, tabletop gaming, military history,and I dabble in Manga.

1.  I have the innate ability to always put my shirts on backwards.  Every.  Darn.  Time.
2. Although I haven’t practiced in several years, I trained in Shorin-ryu Karate for 9 years.  It’s one of the oldest Karate styles in Japan and extremely dangerous.  I also trained in Okinawan Kobudo (weapons).  I’ve learned to fight using the Bo (6-foot staff), the Eku (oar), Sai (small forked blades Elektra made famous), and Kama (hand sickles).
3. I generally have a ****-off aura, as my brother describes it.  In spite of this, random people will approach me and spill their life story.  This isn’t limited to my home country – it happened several times in Japan, too.
4. Zenko is a co-general manager for a British-style tearoom and a tea master.  As such, we find that tea-time is an important part of our lives.  Incidentally, (earlier on) we had a conversation that went something like this.
5. ogod… bees, but more specifically wasps I am terrified of.  Not too long ago, a Tarantula Hawk wasp flew near me and I almost had a panic attack.  The buzzing of its wings sounded like a large propeller-driven military transport (a C-130 Hercules).  I kid you not.  


When possible, I try to nominate newer blogs I follow that I haven’t seen do these awards too many times.

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  4. The Anime Madhouse
  6. Unnecessary Exclamation Mark
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  8. Bits and Pieces: Anime, Gaming, and More!
  9. Your Imouto Disapproves
  10. My Own Galaxy
  11. seppukuwatch
  12. Mostly Short Stories
  13. An episode a day keeps the fangirl at bay
  14. Lady Teresa Christina
  15. Dracula’s Cave

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