3-Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

Thanks again to Kuro Sama for the nomination!  This was an interesting trek into memory lane, remembering all the little gems of wisdom I’ve picked up from anime.  I’ve saved the best for last.


  • Post one quotation a day for three days (they can be from other sources or one of your own).
  • Nominate 3 other bloggers to participate per post.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you

There’s always the question of whether Avatar: The Last Airbender is anime or not.  If there were a line between “anime” and “cartoon,” I’d probably put Avatar on the anime side because of its uniquely Asian approach and classical Eastern themes.

Uncle Iroh… is everybody’s uncle.   He’s an example of an exceptional character, standing out in all ways.  Whenever someone asks the question “if you could meet anyone, real life or fictional, who would it be?,” I immediately think I would love to have tea with Uncle Iroh.  Pretty much everything from this guy is both quotable and contains lessons of wisdom.  The quote I have selected I have found to be an excellent guiding principle, based on my experiences here and abroad.

“It is important to draw wisdom from different places. If you take it from only one place it becomes rigid and stale. Understanding others, the other elements, the other nations, will help you become whole.  It is the combination of the four elements in one person that makes the Avatar so powerful. But it can make you more powerful too.” – Iroh

It’s a fascinating quote.  What I find striking is what it doesn’t say.  It’s not telling you to adopt those beliefs or become one of another element.  Rather, it’s saying to learn from them to bring completeness and balance to yourself.  Interestingly, balance comes through wisdom learned from a variety of perspectives and people.


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