Wakakozake (shorts)


Shorts are an entirely different beast to write about because of their brief nature.  Normally, shorts are comedy-based, with one solid punchline per episode.  However, Wakakozake is a very different kind of short anime.  At 2 minutes per episode, it’s not exactly a time consuming anime to watch.  It’s very low-key and really easy to follow – nothing complex going on.

These shorts are surprisingly relaxing.  Instead of comedy, Wakakozake is almost quiet contemplation.  Plainly speaking, it’s about eating.  Rather, each short is about eating a different kind of food as a reward after work.  Sometimes, it contemplates pairings of foods – what goes well together.  Other times, it contemplates the emotion of eating those comfort foods. The animation style roughly follows this, choosing to animate the foods in extreme detail.

Actually, it made me kind of miss those shops in Japan.


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