Anime Haul and Short Recommendations

Rightstuf has some pretty stellar deals this holiday season!  We’ve been watching the prices on these anime for some time.  Each of the ones we picked up were the lowest price we had ever seen for the series.


Starting from the top left,

  1. Mobile Suit Gundam (original) Part 1 – eps 1-21.  This is the original gundam series from the late 1970s and early 1980s.  Sure, the animation may be somewhat dated, but this is the mecha-genre hallmark.  Very plot and character-driven, the anime is a war-story that’s so much more.  I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to see pretty much where the Mecha genre got its start.  It also provides a good bit of context on mecha series today, especially since they borrow so much from the Original Gundam.
  2. Penguindrum.  This series is quite an interesting one – a highly unique story told in a highly unique way.  Although newbies will probably find it confusing and veterans may find it slow to start, it really is worth sticking with it.  For each step forward in plot, the anime circles around, shifting perspectives on characters and situations making sympathetic characters positively villainous and vice-versa.  Note: This anime is pretty dark… no, really dark.  Though not super-dark scenes or gore, be prepared for some disturbing concepts. 
  3. Kokoro Connect.  A character-focused story based on body-switching and other supernatural circumstances.  The really strong point of the anime is that the weirdness serves as a vehicle to develop the characters and relationships, forcing them past the superficial and into becoming true friends – communicating and being there for one another.
  4. Hozuki’s Coolheadedness.  A comedy anime about Japanese “hell,” run like a corporation.  Much of the humor in this anime is dark, dry, British-style humor, based on wit and sarcasm.  It also provides interesting perspectives on the afterlife.  Note: this anime, perhaps moreso than others, really depends on the personality of the viewer – your mileage may vary.

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