Cosplay Update – Lady Lilith & Hozuki

This pair of cosutmes won Best in Intermediate Division at Colorado Anime Fest.   See our instagram @zenko.akko for more project details



~ 66 hours to make

  • Kimono
  • The kimono is made of black and red suiting fabric and sewn with French seams.  The suiting fabric has a nice weight to it so that it hangs well, and it also resembles the more formal Japanese silks used for kimonos.  Also, since Hozuki is a business man, suit-like material seemed appropriate.
  • The hozuki (Chinese lantern flower) design on the back of the kimono is hand-painted and edged in satin-stitching.  The paint was watered down significantly to give it an old look, similar to the antique-style paintings found in the show.
  • The full under-kimono is made of cotton, also with French seams.
  • Obi & Knot
  • The red obi is also made of the red suiting fabric.  It is sewn as a casing around a wide elastic, which connects at the back with a clasp.  The bow part of the obi is a separate piece which loops around both the clasp and the white tie part of the belt (see below).
  • The white tie part of the belt is made of paper rope, tied in the traditional awajimusubi knot.  To hold its shape, it is then glued behind the knot, but this is not visible from the front.  The three strands of paper rope are then sewn to elastic strips of the same size at the back so that the belt may give a little when sitting or moving.
  • Accessories
  • The horn is made of paper-clay and painted for added definition.  Details in the sculpt include horizontal ridges at the base of the horn to resemble growth layers, as well as vertical grooves for horn texture.  The horn is attached using pro-adhesive glue for effects makeup.
  • The umbrella was purchased and the white stripe added.
  • The wig was purchased, trimmed, and styled.
  • The sandals were purchased as is.


Lady Lilith

~106 hours to make

  • Skirt & Blouse
  • The skirt and blouse are both flat-lined to layer the sheer black silk chiffon fabric over the black design fabric.  The design fabric for the blouse features black flocked flowers on a black background (exact fabric type unknown).  For the skirt, the design fabric is a tight jersey knit with a zig-zag design that resembles a herringbone design.
  • Simple patterns for both pieces were heavily modified.  For the blouse, sleeves, collar, and cuff patterns were hand-drafted.  The skirt pattern was the most adjusted, creating the tight-fitting effect and adding the significant flair to the skirt hem, which is larger than a circle.
  • Fishing line is sewn into the hems to create the ruffle effect.
  • Top-Hat
  • The top-hat is constructed out of buckram and spring steel, generally following an existing pattern and implementing millinery techniques.
  • Inside, the hat is fully lined.  The outside is covered in flannel, and then with the sheer black silk chiffon fabric to match the ensemble.
  • The sheer green tie on the hat is hand-tacked in place
  • The hat is entirely machine-sewn or hand-sewn, with no glue involved.
  • Tights &  Shoes
  • The tights are two-tone dyed with pink and green.
  • The stripes are sprayed on with black fabric paint, the lines of which were defined by painters tape.
  • The shoes are modified from an old pair of knee-high boots.  The tops of the boots were cut off and the edges folded over and glued with tacky glue.  The remainder of the zipper is hand-sewn shut and the edge covered in scrap faux-leather from the boot legs.

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