Konosuba – Short Review


Konosuba is a somewhat sarcastic comedy in a fantasy setting.  The anime is generally on-par with the genre average, and many new to the concept probably won’t be disappointed.  Much of the strength of the anime will come from its irreverent glance at the genre and its occasionally incisive commentary.

While Konosuba’s pretty entertaining at first, it tends to get somewhat stale by the end since its comedy comes primarily from “reaction catchphrases.”  Basically, the cast is composed of characters that react in one particular way to a given situation.  One-off characters aren’t necessarily a bad thing, so long as the situations are odd and unique enough to make the characters’ quirks shine.  Unfortunately, Konosuba doesn’t vary the settings or the situations enough to have the one-off weirdness shine the way it would with appropriately bizarre and crazy situations.

The most unique part of the anime is its twist on a “stuck in a game” setup, instead replacing it with a fantasy world functionally similar to a game.  This avoids much of the problems that plague the “stuck in a game” anime subgenre.  One of the biggest weaknesses you’ll find with these kind of anime is the under-utilization of the world.  There is no meaningful distinction between the real world and the game world like you’d find in the one of the first to use the concept, .hack/sign or the more recent Log Horizon.

All in all, not a bad place to start, but there’s a lot better out there.



A-Kon 27 After-Report

That was a great con!  Tons of really well-made costumes, lots of fun to be had.  We entered our Captain Harlock and Captain Bainas in the A-Kon costume contest and won a Judge’s Choice award from Mindtailor Cosplay.


All told, Harlock, Bainas, and Tori-san took over 430 work hours to complete.  Harlock used 5 different kinds of leather in its construction – buffalo, elk, deer, cow, and pig.  Tori-san (the big bird) is animatronic and will squawk, flap his wings, or play the Song of the Wandering Boat though the press of a remote button that Zenko holds.  Just about everything you see in the picture below was made from scratch by Zenko.


During A-kon we got some really nice stuff.  Our favorite, however, is a Cosmo Dragoon, signed by Leiji Matsumoto (one of the legends of anime), creator of Captain Harlock .  Technically speaking, this particular Cosmo Dragoon is Emereldas’, which you can tell by its shorter grip and the skull.

We’re so very honored to receive this piece.  Originally, the Cosmo Dragoon was given by Matsumoto-sensei to be sold at the A-Kon auction.  A very good friend of ours, who also happens to be personally acquainted with Matsumoto-sensei sent pictures of us in full costume to him.  After receiving the pictures, Matsumoto-sensei had the Cosmo Dragoon pulled from auction and specifically given to us.  For us, that’s such a tremendous honor, and we are very grateful.

Through the auction, we also managed to pick up this beautiful book.  This is a signed reprint of Natasha, one of Matsumoto-sensei’s first mangas. The book’s covered in velvet and is absolutely gorgeous.


The other item we managed to pick up is also stunning. Words alone can’t do it justice.


We still have plenty of cons to go to as Captain Harlock and Captain Bainas.  Our next one will be Denver Comic Con!  If you see us wandering around, come and say “hi!”