Gate – Short Review


This was an anime I’ve wanted to see for some time.  I was expecting a rather campy show that followed in the line of “modern man goes to fantasy world” that we see fairly often.  Instead, it’s a very solid “what if” scenario that is well grounded in the vein of Log Horizon.  Essentially, it’s a more realistic depiction of a clash of worlds that includes light politics alongside particularly “cool” combat sequences.  Part of what makes it stand out is how well they develop the cast – everyone’s a professional and actually good at their jobs.  There’s a maturity to all of the dealings that is really refreshing – characters don’t fly off the handle “just because.”

The world is managed in a really strong fashion.  For example, in sequences that required interpreting between languages, it was handled in Japanese but they’d give cues that the language was different, like using really over-emphasized simple Japanese or to occasionally have the translator chime in. Moreover, the conflict is a conflict of people – someone may be doing villanous acts, but ultimately not a “villain,” as most stories will select someone and give them no redeeming qualities.

Another really fascinating thing the anime did was reinforce that our main character is an important part of the goings-on, but by no means the only actor on the field.  There’s a lot more at play, even when it affects our main character.  Sometimes, it will even leave our main group to follow someone else who is playing an important role in the issue.

All told, a really fun watch that has a strong balance of serious, silly, and cool.

Purpose: Very Good
Characters: Very Good
World: Excellent
Plot: Very Good
Storytelling: Excellent
Pace: Very Good



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