1. I am Akko and my other half is Zenko.  I’m the one who primarily writes on the blog, but occasionally, Zenko will want to share some of her thoughts.

2. This blog is a place to share my opinions on the anime I’ve seen. I tend to focus on the anime as a whole and the elements that I think are done well or poorly. However, it’s not as though I sit there judging every second of the anime.  I love sitting down and just watching the anime, seeing where the story will take me.

3. I’ve been writing short impressions and comments on Anime News Network before I started this blog.   If you’d like me to post a more complete review of an anime like you’ve seen on this blog, send me an e-mail at zenko.akko@gmail.com.

4. I have watched over 200 anime series of varying genres  (here’s the link to my anime list).  Anime “seasons” generally follow the British “season” practice where the seasons are generally considered a separate series.  Splitting the parts of the series up lets me evaluate them on their own basis rather than having to average multiple ratings.

5. Last time I ran the numbers, the 200 anime series I’ve completed, combined with the series I have abandoned, came out to over 6,300 unique episodes of anime.  That doesn’t include anime I’ve re-watched.

6.  My first anime was Trigun and my second was Wolf’s Rain.  Since then, I’ve gone through many of the major ones – Dragonball, DBZ, Inuyasha, Naruto, and Bleach, among others.  At this point, I’ve found that I need an exceptionally good reason to watch an anime that breaks 50 episodes.

7. My favorite genres are Dark/Psychological and Mecha.  However, I do watch and enjoy anime from almost all genres.  I have found that there are really interesting and unique differences in the way the elements are used within those genres. Because of this, I usually only compare the anime’s element usage in related genres.

8. I watch the anime in Japanese with English subtitles, though there are a couple exceptions.  I do this for a few reasons.  First, I learned Japanese to an intermediate level and this helps me keep in practice. Second, I find it provides me with extra context such as levels of politeness, word choice, cultural references, etc.  Finally, I have found that the context provides extra meaning or subtlety to what’s going on.  That said, if someone is turned off by subtitles or just wants to watch in English (or their native language), I think it’s fine to watch it dubbed.  If that’s the way you enjoy anime, go for it.

9.  I am part of Zenko-Akko Cosplay.  We’re just getting started, but we have some really nice things in the works.  Here’s our Facebook page.


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