Anime Specialist Challenge


Suggestions are welcome. 

You’re not a newbie anymore.  You’ve started branching out into different genres, testing out what you like.  At the same time, you’ve started to solidify your tastes in anime.  At this point, you’ve been disappointed a couple times, but you kept moving forward.  You’ve been around long enough to have a sense of “good” and “bad” anime.  You’ve got that knowing smile, ready to hold your own in anime discussions.

Welcome Anime Specialists!  By the time you’ve completed 50 anime series, you’re ready to head into deeper waters.  Through this challenge, we hope you can show off a little bit and help us get to know you better.  When you complete the challenge, tag @akkoanime and we’ll award you with the Anime Specialist Badge for you to use on your site (your choice of boy or girl.) (ZENKO is still in the process of making the badges)



1) It’s time to strut your stuff and show the full range of the series you’ve seen!  This challenge requires forethought, planning, and, of course, tough decisions.  

2) When completing the Anime Specialist Challenge, you cannot use the same anime series more than once.  

3) Characters, plots, etc that span more than one series count as coming from 1 series.  You can’t use that series again.  For example, If you pick “Goku,” you can’t answer another question using Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT, etc.  

4) When a question asks what is the “Best,” you have to explain your criteria for determining what the best is.  For example, when you answer best villain, is the villain “Best” because he accomplished his goal?  Persevered the most?   Had a high body count? Literally kicked puppies?

Ready?  Set?  GO!

  1. Favorite embarrassing scene in Anime?
  2. Favorite well-meaning or unintentional jerk.
  3. Favorite -Dere character.
  4. Favorite Character flip-out moment
  5. Favorite mistake a character makes.
  6. Favorite romantic gesture
  7. Favorite non-physical fight or argument
  8. Favorite anime you’d describe as “weird”
  9. Favorite anime ending/ resolution
  10. Favorite anime with an ambiguous ending
  11. Anime you’ve seen that’s the most out of your comfort zone.  (and your thoughts on it)
  12. Anime you found the most difficult to understand.
  13. Anime you use as a “benchmark” to judge other anime.  Why?
  14. Anime you absolutely refuse to watch.  Why?
  15. Anime someone’s recommended to you that you found disappointing.
  16. Anime you’ve seen that you consider obscure
  17. Anime you’ve liked but don’t feel you could recommend to someone
  18. Anime where you’ve thought, “why am I watching this?”
  19. Anime you found extremely thought-provoking
  20. Anime you were pleasantly surprised by
  21. Best Villain
  22. Best moment of heroism
  23. Best Character Crisis
  24. Best example of a character being sweet
  25. Best trap in anime (open for interpretation)
  26. Best Awkward Character
  27. “Best” friend that causes more harm than good
  28. Best character reaction
  29. Best moment of revenge
  30. Best character confession (open for interpretation)

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