Anime Veteran Challenge


Suggestions are welcome. 

You’re well past the point of no return, now.  Anime’s become a part of you.  Maybe you’ve lost some of your humanity along the way, you’re not really sure.  That grin under the mask is the grin of a big anime fan, but it looks intimidating and scary to others.  By now, you’ve been disappointed more times than many people have seen anime.  You’ve got a solid sense of what you like and don’t like and what makes a good and bad anime.  At this point, you’ve got definite opinions about anime, and the experience to back it up.

Welcome, fellow Anime Veteran.  By the time you’ve watched over 100 anime series, you see things differently.  Through this challenge, we hope to start a discussion and explore your opinions about different aspects of anime.  Once you complete this challenge, tag @akkoanime, and we will award you with the Anime Veteran Badge for you to use on your site (your choice of boy or girl.) (ZENKO is still in the process of making the badges)

Anime veteran challenge – 100+ series ONLY

  1. Time to show off! What is your “anime cred” – what anime-related accomplishments are you most and least proud of?  Don’t forget to boast about the number of anime series you’ve completed.
  2. How have you developed as an anime fan?  What changed between when you first started, to 50 series in, to now?
  3. How does your top 5 anime compare to your first 5 (or the first 5 you can remember watching)?
  4. What anime have you used to introduce someone to anime? why’d you use that anime/ what about them made you select the anime?
  5. Most and least favorite trends you see in anime.
  6. What are a couple of your most controversial opinions about anime?  Explain carefully. 😀
  7. Favorite art style in anime?  for Character design? For background art.  Explain.
  8. What kind of anime fan do you have difficulty relating to? What about it makes it hard?
  9. What are your pet peeves when you discuss anime with someone?
  10. Rest Break!  What’s the weirdest couple you could create that might actually work?

Name at least 5 anime that would be hard for an anime newbie to appreciate.  Explain.

Name some anime that you think have the most creative/ most original concepts? What makes them unique?

What are some anime where you felt that there was tremendous wasted potential?

What are some plots, endings, or elements of an anime you would have handled differently?

What role does fanservice play in anime?

What makes a good plot for anime?

What makes a good anime story?

Rest Break 2!  If you could throw one or more characters from one anime into another anime, which would have the most hilarious results?

What makes a character have depth?

What differentiates “good” writing from “bad” writing in anime?

What are your feelings about tropes in anime?  Are some necessary? good? bad?

What are your thoughts on the use of animation cheats?  Explain. (For an excellent article on animation cheats, read this article by Curtis Hoffman)

Does animation change (chibi, plus for angry, style change) positively or negatively impact the story?  Explain.

Your opinion of the strengths and weaknesses of 6 (or more) anime genres, pure or blended.

VICTORY LAP! Build your own harem, team, or student council! 5 characters from any show, any gender. And why.  (or do all 3.  We won’t judge.)


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